About Jonathan Fraser Regnery

I spent a lot of time in my grandfather’s shop as a kid. The smell of hardwood scraps burning in the woodstove and the gentle humm of the lathe. I still remember the old glass spice jars with all sizes of nails and screws… Now, many years later, I have my own shop. It’s a little bigger but no less comforting… JF Designs is meant to feel like home. I take woodworking personally, whether I’m building cabinet boxes or creating a fine piece of furniture.

I have over 30 years of experience in most facets of construction. I am licensed, bonded and insured. I built my first kitchen over 20 years ago. I built my shop 15 years ago. I built my home 13 years ago. For me, it’s not just about the end result… it’s about the whole process… To take an idea into the design phase, then the build to the finish… At JF Designs, I specialize in custom cabinetry, fine carpentry and furniture making.

When you get JF Designs, you get me, Jonathan Fraser Regnery. I work job by job, rarely overlapping. I can build most anything. There really is no job too small, although honestly, there are some that will be too big. I do work cost effectively and efficiently, and at times I will outsource my doors and drawer boxes, to save time and keep costs down. On smaller jobs I will do my own staining and finishing, but do have a short list of very good painters and finishers.