Simplicity is not the goal. It is the by-product of a good idea and modest expectations.

Paul Rand

Getting High

This was a difficult job! Big big pieces in a studio loft in downtown Los Angeles. Thank God for freight elevators! This closet had to be built offsite and assembled in the space. This closet was 15′ tall and over 10′ wide. I had to veneer the whole thing in Mahogany after it was built…fun! Then the client changed his mind and decided to paint the whole thing white!!...

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My Shop

Although it has evolved over the last few years with various new tools and space saving ideas…it is basically exactly as I built it back in 2005. It’s located on my propoerty and looks like a guest house from down below with easy alley access for deliveries and pick ups. Although I would like more space, it’s nice to essentially work from home. It also allows be to keep...

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Sunset Countertop

One of the more challenging jobs I did recently was creating the island countertop for 346 Sunset. The client saved 3 “glue lam” beams from the original structure to be used for the kitchen island and a dining room table. I didn’t build the table, but I did fabricate this massive island counter. It measures 20′ long  by 5′ wide and 6″ thick. I had to cut out for the...

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