Simplicity is not the goal. It is the by-product of a good idea and modest expectations.

Paul Rand

About Jonathan Fraser Regnery

I spent a lot of time in my grandfather’s shop as a kid. The smell of hardwood scraps burning in the woodstove and the gentle humm of the lathe. I still remember the old glass spice jars with all sizes of nails and screws… Now, many years later, I have my own shop. It’s a little bigger but no less comforting… JF Designs is meant to feel like home. I take woodworking personally, whether I’m building cabinet boxes or creating a fine piece of furniture.

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Introducing Bonsai

When my daughter was born I decided I needed another hobby. Something I could do at home that wasn’t as involved as building a piece of furniture. I have always had a love of trees and Bonsai was a natural progression for me. Besides, as my daughter has gotten older, she has shown a real interest in helping me with my trees.

As a result of my growing collection of trees, naturally, I started designing things that accompany Bonsai, some traditional and some…not, but, all made out of wood! Enjoy!

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